A new way in storytelling

About us
Headcase is a 360° virtual reality content studio. We ideate and produce premium, live-action virtual reality experiences using our proprietary technology. We believe this is the next great medium in storytelling.

About us

Headcase is comprised of a world-class team of producers, directors, innovators, creators and dreamers. We’ve come together because we believe that virtual reality is the next evolution in telling stories and communicating ideas.

We know how to tell stories on a massive scale. With a collective 100 years of experience, the Headcase team has produced motion pictures earning over $4 billion in box office revenue, trailer and marketing content for over 800 motion pictures, and worked on the production of over 100 feature films.

With a global network of the industries’ brightest virtual reality partners to innovate alongside, Headcase conceptualizes, ideates, writes, produces, shoots and edits content that forces viewers to re-think what the future of media and entertainment might look like.

By necessity, we tinker, toil and try to break things. By doing this, we’ve built the world’s highest quality virtual reality camera system and created the necessary software and systems to support it. We aim to consistently push the boundaries of what virtual reality can be.