About us
By pushing the boundaries of what’s presently possible using traditional VR equipment and production methods, our proprietary processes produce fully immersive virtual reality content that elicits a seamless, transformational and unforgettable experience.


In an industry still dominated by consumer-grade GoPros, the Headcase Cinema Camera is the first VR system of its kind and the only high-resolution, low-distortion technical array available for capturing immersive 360˚ virtual content.

The high-quality machine vision lenses are oriented in a proprietary layout to maximize overlap with minimal waste. The system is 13 inches narrow and weighs less than 25 pounds, producing a safe and seamless 6600 x 3300 stitched sphere. With a variety of available mounting options, the Headcase camera captures dynamic environments up to 60fps in uncompressed 12bit RAW for the widest range of color and the most dramatic extremes of latitude – from brightest midday sun to the darkest of shadows.

The Headcase camera is an extremely robust 30V system powered by lightweight batteries and professional BNC, LEMO, and gold-soldered XLR connections. The multiple-camera units that form the camera array are synchronized together using genlock, which aligns the virtual shutters with frame accuracy, and the package includes a special time-code unit which serves as a master clock for all of the recorder decks.

For review, playback, and live viewing, the Headcase camera includes a live-view look-around which allows the technical team to see an aligned 360˚sphere that is being captured for quality control and verifying stitch lines. This brand new innovation was custom built for this system and promises to revolutionize how 360˚ live-action virtual reality is monitored.

Headcase takes the next generation of 360˚ virtual reality mobility solutions to an entirely new level. 360˚X 360˚ capture mandates the rethinking of how camera systems operate. Headcase has several custom remote mobility platforms ranging from manual to semi-robotic to fully robotic.

There is no technical equivalent to the Headcase Cinema Camera System. The Headcase camera was designed by busy filmmakers who understand the rigors of a day on set. As such, the system was built for speed, efficiency, and reliability in the most extreme conditions.

Post Production

Following the capture process, our discreet imagery is ‘mixed’ into a single dataset of the scene. During this process, we leave the concept of pixels behind and treat the captured imagery as a non-rasterized dataset.

Using wavelet based digital noise suppression and optical flow, the individual fields of view are aligned and blended together in this space. Parallax adjustment and alignment are performed with this data. All of this occurs in a high bit depth color space without temporial or spatial compression artifacts.

This data then has depth reconstruction applied based on additional reference photography, survey, and artistic stylization. Our proprietary depth construction creates a ‘stereo’ or ‘3d’ effect in a most natural and comfortable way without the eye-splitting artifacts inherent in competing methodologies.